3.12 Academic Probation and Dismissal Procedures

The following represents a summary statement regarding academic probation and dismissal procedures as applied for graduate students in the UCB-UCSF Bioengineering Graduate Program.  Additional specific details and guidelines of this policy can be found: BioE handbook  http://bioegrad.berkeley.edu/handbook/introduction UC Berkeley Grad Division http://grad.berkeley.edu/policy/coursework-grading-probation-and-dismissal-policy/ UCSF Grad Division  http://senate.ucsf.edu/0-bylaws/stugr.html UCSF Policy on Student Progress: http://graduate.ucsf.edu/policy-student-progress 1.  Criteria for satisfactory […]

8.1 BioEngineering Student Talks (BEST)

1. Goals •    To learn about research projects of students in the group •    To receive peer critique of research and valuable feedback •    To gain public speaking experience •    To give practice talks for qualifying exams and conferences •    To learn to communicate to people who are not in your field 2. Format Two […]


Bioengineering Association of Students (BEAST) BEAST (BioEngineering Association of STudents) is the official organization for the Group’s students. There are no dues associated with membership. Members participate in monthly meetings, academic discussions, weekly happy hours, and other fun activities, such as ski trips, movie night, pizza and more. Officers are elected during the annual Group […]

7.4 Online Resources

Berkeley Registrar’s Office http://registrar.Berkeley.edu/Registration/feesched.html Berkeley Graduate Fee Remission Eligibility  Berkeley Graduate Studies Handbook http://www.grad.berkeley.edu/policies/ggp/ggp.pdf UCSF Registrar’s Office http://registrar.ucsf.edu/registration/fees UCSF Graduate Division Financial Support https://graduate.ucsf.edu/financial-support Defined Contribution Plan (DC Plan) The University of California is required by law to make social security contributions or provide a safe harbor provision retirement plan for graduate students, the Defined Contribution […]

7.3 Fees

This section should be read in conjunction with the preceding section on California Residency and Nonresident Classification. UCSF Fees include the University Registration Fee, Educational Fee, Student Health Insurance premium, Student Union fee, Graduate Student Association fee (see fee details at the UCSF Graduate Division). Berkeley Fees include the Student Services Fee, Tuition, Health Insurance […]

7.2 Stipend Guidelines

The Group’s Executive Committee annually establishes a minimum stipend level. Committed to staying on par with comparable programs, the Committee regularly reviews the stipend amount. Bioengineering Graduate Student minimum stipend level: Annual (12 months)    $34,000.00 (2015-16) This stipend level is a commitment made by the Group to the students of the incoming class. As most […]

7.1 Residency

California Residency and Nonresident Classification California Residency is a classification for University tuition purposes. A California resident (defined by UC policy) is a financially independent adult who has lived in California for more than one year prior to the first day of instruction for the term during which they are claiming residency. Students who do […]


Financial Support Full financial support is provided to all students for the duration of the doctoral program, and is contingent only on students maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Support includes stipend and fees (which includes comprehensive health and dental insurance). Non-resident tuition for out of state students will be covered for the first year; all eligible […]

6.4 Filing Fee Status

Students must be registered OR on filing fee status when they file their dissertation. Filing Fee Status is an alternate status used in lieu of registration, and is appropriate for students who have completed all course work and who have no occasion to use University facilities or to make use of faculty time other than […]

6.3 UCSF Registration

WARNING: The UCSF Office of Admissions and Registrar has strict due dates and will charge students an additional late fee for missed due dates. UCSF Home Campus Students: UCSF Home Campus students must register every quarter at UCSF by completing the UCSF Office of Admissions and Registrar (OAR) process. Review the UCSF OAR procedures on […]