Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation

UCSF, Berkeley, and LBNL and have long been at the forefront in biomedical imaging and instrumentation. The three campuses share resources from several imaging centers, including the Center for Functional Imaging at LBNL, the Magnetic Resonance Science Center at UCSF, and the Helen Wills Neuroscience BIC center at Berkeley. Scanners include the latest generation 1.5, T, 3.0 T and 7 T GE MRI scanners at the new Mission Bay Campus, two fMRI scanners at Berkeley, and several experimental nuclear medicine scanners.

The are many groups doing exciting Biomedical Instrumentation research at Berkeley, UCSF and LBNL. These include improved or novel medical imaging scanner construction, including Nuclear Medicine detectors and systems, MRI hardware and systems and Ultrasound hardware and diagnostic software. Many researchers focus on various technologies for improved therapy, and on novel cellular imaging. There are many working on technology to study fundamental neuroscience and to develop novel sensors and systems for high throughput biological assays.

Advances in imaging technology continue to expand our understanding of such problems as neurodegenerative diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Specific research areas include improved or novel medical imaging scanner construction, MRI pulse sequences for spectroscopy, DTI, and cancer imaging and Ultrasound hardware and diagnostic software. The research environment at UCSF, Berkeley, and LBNL will allow a graduate student to train for an exciting and high-impact career in Biomedical Imaging.

Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation faculty in the Graduate Group:

David Agard
Steven Altschuler
Mekhail Anwar
Martin Banks
Thomas F. Budinger
Myriam Chaumeil
Maurice Cohen
Steve Conolly
Chris Diederich
Sophie Dumont
Evan Feinberg
Daniel A. Fletcher
Jack Gallant
Roland Henry
Amy E. Herr
Xiao Hu
Bo Huang
Guo Huang
Donna Hudson
Nola Hylton
Na Ji
Young-Wook Jun
Stanley Klein
Richard Kramer
Sanjay Kumar
John Kurhanewicz
Thomas Lang
Peder Larson
Luke Lee
Jeffrey Lotz
Janine Lupo
Miki Lustig
Sharmila Majumdar
Gerard Marriott
Mohammad Mofrad
Pratik Mukherjee
Rikky Muller
Srikantan Nagarajan
Alex Pines
Ashish Raj
David M. Rempel
Sabrina Ronen
Austin Roorda
David Saloner
Youngho Seo
Shawn Shadden
Lydia Sohn
Andreas Stahl
Aaron Streets
Moriel Vandsburger
Daniel Vigneron
Laura Waller
Rong Wang
Leor Weinberger
Lani Wu
Duan Xu
Ke Xu