Home Campus

Students are assigned to a Home Campus, Berkeley or UCSF, based on research interests and initial funding source. The Home Campus is where fees are paid and health services are based (except for emergencies when students will be covered at any Emergency Room). Forms for qualifying exams, advancement to candidacy, and dissertation status are submitted to the Graduate Division of the Home Campus. The Home Campus will also be a factor in the composition of the qualifying and dissertation committees.

All students in the UCSF/UCB Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering have full access to courses, research opportunities, and facilities (including the libraries and student unions) on both campuses regardless of Home Campus assignment.

Home Campus change is possible prior to taking the qualifying examination and requires academic justification with the approval of the Head Graduate Advisers by petitioning both Berkeley and UCSF Graduate Divisions. Consult the program staff for details if considering a Home Campus change.

Student Health Coverage

Berkeley Student Health Services:

UCSF Student Health Services:


Most communication for the group is conducted through email. Students are issued a Berkeley email account when they make their statement of intent to register. The Group does not provide mailboxes.

All students plus the Group staff are included on a list serve entitled

All Group Faculty plus staff are included on private list serve.

Students are encouraged to keep the Group administrative staff and the Office of the Registrar on the Home Campus informed of current contact information, including address and phone numbers.

Links to the Registrars’ offices:

UCB: https://bearfacts.Berkeley.edu/

UCSF: http://saawww.ucsf.edu/signon


Students are required to register for school each quarter / semester during the academic year and maintain full-time student status (8 quarter units or 12 semester units). Students are required to register (and pay fees) for summer school only if their fellowship requires it. Students meet with their Graduate Advisers to review course enrollment plans each term.


Students choosing to leave the program before completing a degree must officially withdraw from the university. If choosing to return at a later date, they must apply for readmission.