6.2 Berkeley Registration

Registration means 1) enrolling in classes; 2) paying fees, and 3) having no blocks to registering.

The student is responsible for enrolling in classes, checking to make sure all fee payments have been made on their behalf and clearing registration blocks as soon as possible.

At Berkeley, students enroll in classes through the Tele-BEARS online system. (https://telebears.Berkeley.edu/telebears/login/login.jsp.) UCSF Home Campus students also utilize this system when signing up for Berkeley courses. (Students cannot enroll in UCSF courses through Tele-BEARS.)

Students need a CalNet ID and passphrase to access Tele-BEARS. CalNet IDs can be created on-line at: https://net-auth.Berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/krbcpw?NewStudent

Tele-BEARS Timeline:

Phase I begins in April and ends in July.
Phase II begins in July and ends in August.

Students are assigned an appointment date to use Tele-BEARS for each phase. Once the appointment expires, students can access Tele-BEARS through the end of each phase during Open Hours (Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 8:00 am and 7:00 pm to Midnight). Tele-BEARS is available through the end of the third week of classes.

To be registered at Berkeley, every Berkeley based student must enroll for a minimum of 12 Berkeley units each semester (note that “full-time” enrollment for graduate students is 12 units). If a student is not taking classes, or their classes do not add up to the required 12 units, the student must register for additional units of BIOE 299 (independent research) and / or 298 (group research / journal club). Contact the Berkeley Group administrator for the correct Course Control Number to use for BIOE 299.

UCSF-based students are not required to carry a full course load at Berkeley. However, all students taking courses at Berkeley are to follow the procedures described here and observe the relevant deadlines. UCSF-based students not taking courses at Berkeley must enroll in a zero-unit dummy course at Berkeley each semester.

Any schedule changes (whether the student is UCSF or Berkeley based) made after the third week of classes will require a “Petition to Change Class Schedule.” The petition must be signed by the student and the professor of the class the student is adding, if applicable. The original signed petition must be submitted to the Berkeley program administrator by the last day of instruction.

Consequences of Late Registration

It is essential that all students be registered by the 15th day of classes. Certain penalties apply to students who do not register on time and there are significant budget consequences to the department when students fail to register by the census date. A “Petition for Late Enrollment / Registration” will need to be submitted and a Late Enrollment Fee of $150 is charged to continuing students who fail to use Tele-BEARS to enroll in at least one class by the end of Phase II. Students with eligible appointments (i.e., 25 percent time or greater per semester as a Graduate Student Instructor or Graduate Student Researcher) must be registered by the end of the third week of classes or they may lose their fee remissions.

Consequences of Not Registering

Students who are not registered have access only to those University facilities that are accorded to the general public, and they may not consult with faculty about matters pertaining to their programs. International students who choose not to register must continue to pay for health insurance, moreover are subject to INS scrutiny. Such students will be “administratively cancelled” and will have to petition for re-entry and pay a fee if they want to register at Berkeley again.