3.12 Academic Probation and Dismissal Procedures

The following represents a summary statement regarding academic probation and dismissal procedures as applied for graduate students in the UCB-UCSF Bioengineering Graduate Program.  Additional specific details and guidelines of this policy can be found:

1.  Criteria for satisfactory academic progress include the following:

  • a specified grade-point average above a 3.0 in all upper division and graduate coursework taken in graduate standing;
  • no more than two courses having been graded as Incomplete;
  • UCSF Graduate Division requires Incomplete grades be removed within 1 year;
  • required coursework, program of study, and program requirements completed in a timely fashion and at a given level of performance;
  • completion/passing of the Qualifying Exam; according to the BioE Handbook section on Qualifying Examinations
  • acceptance by a faculty member who agrees to supervise the student’s research and to serve as chair of the dissertation committee;
  • advancement to candidacy within 6 months of completing the qualifying examination
  • satisfactory standing on yearly progress reports from dissertation committee and graduate advisors.

2.  Procedure for notification of insufficient progress includes the following in writing from the Head Graduate Advisor to the student:

  • Nature of the problem or deficiency;
  • The steps to be taken to correct the deficiency;
  • A reasonable period (typically 6 months) in which to correct the problem or to show acceptable improvement;
  • The consequences of failing to resolve the deficiencies (e.g., dismissal)
  • An approximate date on which the student’s record will next be reviewed.

3. Dismissal decisions will be made following an in-depth review of the student’s academic performance conducted by the UCB/UCSF Bioengineering Program Executive Committee.  The Graduate Division will be notified that the student is undergoing an in-depth academic review for early dismissal consideration.  Following the review, the dismissal process will adhere to the student’s home campus guidelines.