4.3 Exit Seminar

Students will present a formal, minimum 45-minute seminar on the results of their research prior to graduation. This exit seminar will be open to Group faculty members, students, and others in the University community.

The following are guidelines for the exit seminar:

  • 1. Dissertation complete and submitted, including depositing a copy with the Home Campus Group Administrator.
  • 2. The student’s Research Mentor will attend the exit seminar and is responsible for any costs associated with the exit seminar including room rental fees and refreshments.
  • 3. Group faculty members and students will be invited to attend the exit seminar by the student.
  • 4. The student will notify his/her Home Campus Group administrative office of the date, time, and location of the exit seminar.

Exit Interview

Prior to graduation, students must complete Exit Interviews with:

  1. 1. Graduate Adviser, to review academic progress and career plans.
  2. 2. Head Graduate Adviser, to discuss career plans.
  3. 3. Group Administrator on the Home Campus, to ensure their files contain the final Program of Study, area requirements, transcripts, and dissertation title page. Students are asked at this time to provide future contact information for the alumni database, as well as current career information, such as employer, position title. Students are encouraged to report future career and contact changes to the Group administration.