6.4 Filing Fee Status

Students must be registered OR on filing fee status when they file their dissertation. Filing Fee Status is an alternate status used in lieu of registration, and is appropriate for students who have completed all course work and who have no occasion to use University facilities or to make use of faculty time other than for the final reading of their dissertation. Filing Fee status is not equivalent to registration. This status allows students to file their dissertation without having to pay registration fees.

Filing Fee Status may only be used once. If the student does not complete the final degree requirements during their eligibility period, the fee is forfeited and the student must pay regular registration fees during the semester in which they do complete those requirements.

Limitations of Filing Fee status

Students on Filing Fee status may not take course work or use any University facilities not accorded the general public. Services such as Financial Aid, Student Health and Student Union membership are not available, except by special arrangement. Nor may they hold graduate student appointments (GSR and GSI) at Berkeley.

Applications and campus specific filing fee policies are available from the Graduate Division offices on each campus. Students applying for the Filing Fee status submit a check or money order payable to the UC Regents for the fee with their application.

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