Financial Support

Full financial support is provided to all students for the duration of the doctoral program, and is contingent only on students maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Support includes stipend and fees (which includes comprehensive health and dental insurance). Non-resident tuition for out of state students will be covered for the first year; all eligible students must obtain California residency by their second year.

The Executive Committee sets the annual minimum level of stipend support within the parameters established by the Graduate Divisions. The current minimum annual stipend is $32,500. During the first year, funding is typically provided by a combination of Federal, State, or fellowship sources. This includes extramural fellowships and research appointments with faculty during the summer. In the second year students are partially supported by teaching appointments, by extramural fellowships that they have obtained and by appointments with the research mentors that they have selected.

One factor that allows the Group to maintain a large student body is the ability of some to secure extramural fellowships. Continuing students are responsible for applying for such financial assistance. The Group keeps students informed of available fellowship opportunities and provides necessary supporting documentation for applications.

The Financial Aid Office (UCSF) and the Graduate Fellowships office (Berkeley) are resources for information on many different kinds of specialized fellowships, scholarships, loans, and other opportunities. Students are urged to apply for any extramural pre-doctoral fellowships, and all students are required to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which can be found at:


Due to the restrictions of many funding agencies, opportunities for international students are limited. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents do not qualify for California residency and are not eligible for certain types of support. Funding sources for international students do include fellowships, research assistantships and non-resident tuition (NRT) scholarships.

Once a student begins dissertation research under the guidance of their Research Mentor, that faculty member becomes responsible for the student’s financial support. The arrangements of this support are specified in the Dissertation Lab / Mentor Commitment form. Students are responsible for discussing funding with their Research Mentor. This discussion should occur early in the relationship. In addition to stipend and fees, Mentors also provide support for registration fees for the annual Group Retreat and participation at national conferences.