3.3 Grade Point Average (GPA)

Graduate students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in all academic coursework and must make satisfactory progress toward their degree. Eligibility for certain extramural fellowships typically requires a GPA of 3.6 and above.

The “official” Grade Point Average (GPA) is posted on the Home Campus transcript. Students are responsible for reviewing both campuses’ transcripts to ensure the grades are properly posted and classes taken are accurately listed. Contact the appropriate registrar’s office for questions or issues regarding transcripts.

Berkeley transcripts are available on-line at BEARfacts: http://bearfacts.berkeley.edu

UCSF transcripts are available on-line at the UCSF Office of Admissions and Register On-Line Services: http://saawww.ucsf.edu/admission/

Full-time Student Status

Graduate students are required to maintain “full-time” student status at all times during the academic year. For all students, full-time status is considered enrollment in 8 quarter units or 12 semester units of graduate or upper division courses each quarter / semester. Units may be formal course work or research units.

The Graduate Division policy is that full-time graduate study is incompatible with full-time employment. During the academic year, the University may not employ graduate students more than 50% time in any capacity. Employment at 100% time is permitted during the summer term. Registered graduate students should not be appointed to any academic title other than those appropriate for students, e.g. Graduate Student Researcher, Graduate Student Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Reader.