An Executive Committee whose members comprise faculty from both campuses and representatives from the student body oversees the Group. Table 1 gives the list of current members of the Executive Committee and staff. Advising, curriculum development and admissions are directed by faculty committees that are drawn from experienced members of the Group and represent a wide range of research interests. Dedicated administrative staff at UCSF and Berkeley provide a bridge between the faculty, students and Graduate Divisions on both campuses and manage the daily operations of Graduate Group.

The Group works hand in hand with the academic units on the two campuses that have been formed to support faculty members with a primary focus on Bioengineering. The Berkeley Department of Bioengineering, formed as part of the College of Engineering in 1998, oversees a vibrant undergraduate program of approximately 400 students, as well as the Berkeley side of the Joint Graduate Group. The UCSF Program in Bioengineering, formerly the Division of Bioengineering, was formed within the School of Medicine in 2002 to manage the expansion of the educational and research programs prior to program approval in 2005. Although resources are allocated separately on the two campuses, the curriculum and educational program in Bioengineering are fully integrated, with joint participation from faculty serving on committees and mentoring students.

See the current Executive Committee Membership.