3.5 Reporting Requirements

The student and faculty sponsor must complete a Research Rotation Evaluation form that outlines the work performed and provides an assessment of the experience at the end of the rotation. This will assist the academic advisers in evaluating student progress and assigning course credit. Students should be prepared to present their results at one of the research forums at Berkeley or UCSF at the conclusion of each semester. Students may also present their work in more depth at the Annual Retreat or give a presentation as part of the BioEngineering Student Talks course (BEST), described in more detail in section IV.

Faculty Rotation Support

Faculty sponsors should provide the appropriate experimental infrastructure to rotation students, including workspace and access to equipment, reagents, and supplies. Faculty sponsors in general do not provide financial support (stipend or fee) to first year students, except under special circumstances as described below.

A rotation conducted in the second year, or additional rotations carried out in the same lab may require faculty commitment to support some or all of the stipend and/or fees during the rotation period. Faculty who sponsor students for admission must also be prepared to support students during rotations, even if performed in another lab. Even in  cases where the faculty sponsor provides financial support to the student, it should be recognized that research rotations are meant to satisfy an academic purpose and should not be viewed as a means for obtaining additional salary support.

In general, the same stipend level guaranteed by the Group will be maintained during rotations. Additional information about rotations and rotation policies can be obtained from the Head Graduate Advisers and program staff.

The Group’s administrators will contact faculty sponsors to provide instructions for paying students as appropriate. To guarantee a smooth transition from one source of support to another, students and faculty are encouraged to notify the administrators of any planned rotations as early as possible.