3.6 Selection of a Research Mentor

The Research Mentor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the student’s research training, which is an extremely critical task. The Graduate Divisions on both campuses require that the student choose a Research Mentor / Dissertation Chair who is a member of the Academic Senate. Students who wish to perform research in the laboratory of someone who is not a member of the Academic Senate must have a co-mentor who is a member of the Academic Senate and serves as the Dissertation Chair or Co-Chair.

The choice of an appropriate Research Mentor is a critical factor in each student’s success. Rotations are an opportunity to investigate whether a particular mentor and laboratory are a good fit. Resources for selecting Research Mentors include Graduate Advisers, Head Graduate Advisers, Peer Advisers, research group meetings, and the list of faculty research interests on the Group’s web site. Students are required to select a Research Mentor by the middle of their second year, and to submit the Dissertation Lab / Mentor Commitment form to the administration at their Home Campus.  This form outlines and affirms the financial commitment being made by the Mentor to support the student and his / her dissertation research.