7.1 Residency

California Residency and Nonresident Classification

California Residency is a classification for University tuition purposes. A California resident (defined by UC policy) is a financially independent adult who has lived in California for more than one year prior to the first day of instruction for the term during which they are claiming residency.

Students who do not meet these criteria or have not applied for Residency status are considered nonresidents and subject to nonresident tuition (NRT) as well as registration fees. The Group does not support NRT beyond a student’s first year, on the assumption that once eligible, students will apply for reclassification as a California Resident.

Continuing students eligible for California residency are strongly encouraged to begin establishing residency upon arrival in California. To gain resident classification students must submit a petition to their Home Campus Registrar’s office (at Berkeley online via Bear Facts http://bearfacts.Berkeley.edu/) showing that they have lived in California for more than one year.

The deadline to file the petition is the last working day before the first day of instruction of the term for which they are seeking residency status (typically, Fall of the second year). Students may review the complete policy and procedures available from the Home Campus Registrar’s Office and online:

UCB http://registrar.Berkeley.edu/Residency/legalinfo.html

UCSF http://registrar.ucsf.edu/registration/residency

Eligible students who do not petition for California residency will be responsible for paying their own NRT.

Common documents needed with the petition for change classification are:

•    Documents confirming arrival in California prior to the start of fall semester of the previous year
•    CA driver’s license or state identification card (if non-driver)
•    CA vehicle registration
•    CA Voter registration card
•    CA bank statements
•    Documents confirming prior summer whereabouts (e.g., job offer letters, summer session    registration, etc)
•    Prior year’s W-2 and State and Federal Income Tax Returns.
•    Berkeley campus Personnel Action Notice confirming last Fall employment

For specific residency questions, contact the Berkeley Registrar’s Office (510) 642-1614 or the UCSF Registrar’s Office (415) 476-8280.