3.9 Responsibilities of the Chair of Qualifying Examination

  • The student should select the Chair at least 2-3 months before the anticipated exam date. 
  • The Chair should meet with the student to discuss the composition of the qualifying committee at least 2-3 months prior to the exam. 
  • The Chair should ensure that the proposal (3-4 pages in length, outlining the general goals of the project, their significance and the methods used to approach them) is distributed to the committee members at least 4 weeks before the exam to allow sufficient time for feedback to the student. 
  • The Chair should explain the format of the exam (explained above) to the student. 
  • The Chair needs to remind the student to complete the Graduate Division procedures and documentation at least 3 weeks before the proposed date of the exam. 
  • The Chair needs to obtain the student’s file and transcripts a few days before the exam and take them to the exam (from Bioengineering Program Offices). 
  • Following the exam, the Chair needs to discuss the outcome with the student. 
  • If the student fails, a second examination has to be arranged. This final exam can be limited to the section that was failed initially if agreed upon by the committee (all members of the committee have to be present and have to take part in the exam). 
  • The Chair needs to strongly advise the student to interact with all committee members and their research mentor before the re-take.