7.2 Stipend Guidelines

The Group’s Executive Committee annually establishes a minimum stipend level. Committed to staying on par with comparable programs, the Committee regularly reviews the stipend amount.

Bioengineering Graduate Student minimum stipend level:

Annual (12 months)    $34,000.00 (2015-16)

This stipend level is a commitment made by the Group to the students of the incoming class. As most students advance, their funding will be provided through the mechanism of research rotations and their Research Mentor’s resources. It is expected that future appointments for research rotations and dissertation research will adhere to these minimum stipend guidelines.

Appointment guidelines for Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) are sent out annually to the group. Appointments for bioengineering graduate students are initiated in the faculty mentor’s department with their financial or human resources assistant. Rotation and Research Mentors should address questions to the Group’s administrators.