3.1 Summary of Requirements

A. Coursework and Program of Study


Bioengineering 200 in first year (Berkeley)

Bioengineering 280 or 281 first year (UCSF)

GSI training course in first year (BioE 301, Berkeley) 

Ethics Course

Area Requirements

Major Area: 16 semester / 24 quarter units

Minor Area: 8 semester / 12 quarter units

(Submit signed paperwork detailing planned program of study in the spring of the first year)

B. Rotations

Three rotations in the first year

C. Teaching Assistantship (GSI)

Minimum of one 10-hour GSI assignment, normally performed during the second year; preferences for course assignments should be identified with submission of first Annual Progress Report. Does not need to be a BioE course.

D. Select Research Mentor

Select Research Mentor and lab for dissertation project by start of the 2nd academic year

E. Qualifying Examination

Identify committee and submit forms: by April of the 2nd year

Hold QE: Spring of the 2nd year or Fall of the 3rd year

F. Dissertation

Form Dissertation Committee and submit advancement forms: one month after the QE is passed

Dissertation Proposal: Submit six months after the QE

Meetings of the Dissertation Committee: annually after QE

Submit Dissertation and present research at exit seminar: prior to graduating

G. Other

Meet with academic advisor and/or dissertation committee each year and submit annual progress


Present poster or oral presentation based on a rotation project during the first or second year

Present Exit Seminar based on dissertation research