Oskar Hallatschek

Oskar Hallatschek

Assistant Professor & William H. McAdams Chair
Physics and Integrative Biology

274D Stanley Hall
Mailcode MC 3220
UC Berkeley

For more information, see: http://hallatscheklab.berkeley.edu/

Research Areas

Biomechanics, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Systems & Synthetic Biology

Research Interests

We are interested in exploring emergent phenomena in cellular populations. To culture and manipulate evolving populations, we continually develop and advance microfluidic high throughput bioreactors. Most recently, we have begun to study the interaction of physiology and mechanics of confined populations of microbial and mammalian cells. This research lead to the discovery of the phenomenon of proliferation-driven “jamming” and a feedback between growth induced forces and growth rates.