Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Tissue engineering is a fast growing area of research that aims to create tissue equivalents of blood vessels, heart muscle, nerves, cartilage, bone, and other organs for replacement of tissue either damaged through disease or trauma. As an interdisciplinary field, principles from biological, chemical, electrical, materials science, and mechanical engineering are employed in research and development. Concepts and discoveries from the fields of molecular and cell biology, physiology and immunology are also readily incorporated into research activities for tissue engineering. Recent advancements in stem cell research provide exciting opportunities of using stem cells for regeneration of tissues and organs. Understanding and directing stem cell differentiation and functions are new frontiers in cell and tissue engineering.

Many faculty members at UCB and UCSF are active in the area of tissue engineering, with the goal of creating the equivalent of native tissue or reparative components in the laboratory for ultimate use in medical therapies. Current efforts in tissue engineering at UCB/UCSF focus in the areas of biomaterials synthesis and biological performance evaluation, biomimetic nanomaterials, stem cell engineering, drug delivery, and the characterization of the physical, chemical and biomechanical behavior of these tissues. To improve these “engineered tissues,” substantial effort is also placed on understanding the physical properties of native tissues they aim to replace. Critical challenges in this area include understanding the interaction between the cells and novel materials and the effect of physical and chemical stimuli on cell function, including cell growth, migration and differentiation.

Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine faculty in the Graduate Group:

Tamara Alliston
Steven Altschuler
J. Christopher Anderson
Adam Arkin
Chelsea Bahney
Irina Conboy
Tejal Desai
Sophie Dumont
Daniel A. Fletcher
Zev Gartner
Xiaohua Gong
Julius Guccione
Kevin Healy
Amy E. Herr
Guo Huang
C. Anthony Hunt
Tony Keaveny
Sanjay Kumar
Randall Lee
Seung-Wuk Lee
Hao Li
Jeffrey Lotz
Todd McDevitt
Mohammad Mofrad
Grace O'Connell
Shuvo Roy
David Schaffer
Seth Shipman
Lydia Sohn
Andreas Stahl
Francis Szoka Jr.
Rong Wang
Leor Weinberger
Lani Wu