John Shepherd

John Shepherd

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Associate Adjunct Professor, Radiology and Bioimaging

1 Irving Street, Suite 108B
Mailcode 624

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Research Areas

Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation

Research Interests

Dr. Shepherd’s research is summarized as quantitative imaging methods for tissue composition using x-rays. His mammographic methods are used extensively for research around the world and in the San Francisco Mammography Registry Program. Dr. Shepherd’s efforts are focused on the technical imaging aspects of the measurements of the body composition and the translation of these measurements into different fields of study. He has present and future research projects in the following areas: breast cancer risk and detection using breast density and tissue texture measures; dual-energy x-ray diagnostic mammography for characterizing compositional signatures of cancer lesions; total body protein measures, body shape analysis and metabolic diseases; statistics of quality assurance and quality control for quantitative measurements.