Priya Moorjani

Priya Moorjani

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Assistant Professor, Departments of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Center for Computational Biology

308C Stanley Hall
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UC Berkeley

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Research Areas

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics

Research Interests

Our lab focuses on using statistical and computational approaches to study questions in human genetics and evolutionary biology. To this end, we are interested in leveraging large-scale genomic datasets from ancient and present-day populations to understand human evolution, demographic history and disease. Some current projects include: (1) how evolutionary processes like mutation rate evolve across primates, (2) when key events (such as introgression and adaptations) occurred in human history, and (3) how we can leverage these patterns to identify genetic variants related to human adaptation and disease. Research in our group involves both development of new methods and large-scale genomic data analysis.