Tamara Alliston

Tamara Alliston

Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery

513 Parnassus, Medical Sciences Building, Room S-1155,
Mailcode Box 0514

For more information, see: http://allistonlab.ucsf.edu/

Research Areas

Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the molecular pathways controlling mesenchymal stem cell differentiation, how these pathways coordinate with physical cues to influence mechanical integrity of normal skeletal tissue, and how they can be harnessed to repair tissue damaged in degenerative skeletal disease. In particular we focus on defining the function of TGFβ in synergistically coordinating physical and biochemical cues to regulate skeletal cell differentiation. To answer these questions we combine molecular, cellular, physiologic, and materials science approaches. This interdisciplinary approach will lead to the identification of targets to prevent skeletal disease or to improve skeletal repair.