We award a Ph.D. in Bioengineering jointly from UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, among the top public universities in the world in health sciences and engineering.

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UCSF Lance

Bioengineers in the SF Chronicle

Bioengineering students and faculty are featured at the launch of the Rosenman Institute for medical technology development.


Tiny Sheep: UC Berkeley Researchers Use Electricity to Herd Cells

By using electric currents, bioengineering graduate student Daniel Cohen and graduate faculty member Michel Maharbiz are studying how epithelial cells respond to electric fields and move in unison, to potentially aid wound healing.

Researchers target brain circuitry to treat mental disorders

Bioengineering graduate program faculty are among the researchers at UC Berkeley and UCSF who will be working to develop devices to be implanted in the brain to target and correct malfunctioning neural circuits. Graduate prorgram faculty involved include Jose Carmena, Robert Knight, and Michel Maharbiz at UC Berkeley and Edward Chang at UCSF.

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