Current Students

The graduate degree (Ph.D.) in bioengineering is administered by the UC Berkeley – UCSF Bioengineering Graduate Group, administered at Berkeley by the Department of Bioengineering and at UCSF by the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences. This program permits students to benefit from both the excellent clinical and health sciences resources available on the San Francisco campus and the outstanding engineering and basic life sciences resources available on the Berkeley campus.

The program is both interdepartmental and intercampus. It combines related interests and research activities of faculty from 15 departments at Berkeley with those of the faculty from three professional schools (Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy) at San Francisco.

All students in the program are simultaneously enrolled in the graduate divisions of both the San Francisco and Berkeley campuses and are free to take advantage of courses and research opportunities on both campuses. The program awards the Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering degree from both campuses.

For more detailed program information, please consult the Handbook and the Student Calendar. And please, don’t forget to consult your faculty advisers and program staff!