Bioengineering integrates engineering, biological and medical sciences with advanced technology to help people lead longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

The UC Berkeley – UCSF Graduate Program in Bioengineering was formed in 1983. The group sought to form a preeminent research and training program in bioengineering by combining the excellence in engineering, physical and life sciences at UC Berkeley with UC San Francisco’s distinction in the biomedical sciences.

What started out as a small, informal group has seen rapid growth in both size and influence in recent years with the establishment of the Department of Bioengineering in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley, and the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UC San Francisco. The administrative structure provided by these two entities and associated staff gives our students support on both campuses and serves to coordinate the broadly interdisciplinary activities of our students and faculty.

The result is an intercampus, interdisciplinary program anchored by the experience and resources of two world-class universities. The program offers students the flexibility to work with any of over 140 outstanding faculty with expertise in a variety of fields at the two schools, while providing a strong knowledge base in both biology and engineering and substantial research experience.