Irina Conboy

Irina Conboy

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Associate Professor, Bioengineering

B108B Stanley Hall
Mailcode 1762
UC Berkeley

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Research Areas

Biomaterials, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests

Age-related tissue degenerative diseases are devastating and currently incurable; and clearly there is a need for a better understanding of why stem cells dedicated to organ maintenance and repair fail in these disorders. One key direction of my laboratory is to understand how canonical signal transduction networks regulate the behavior of organ stem cells, to identify age-imposed and pathological cellular and molecular changes in stem cells and their niches and to engineer effective and tightly controlled tissue regenerative responses. Success in this research will improve our understanding of stem cells and will enable rational approaches for delaying the devastating regenerative decline that invariably accompanies human aging and pathology.