Irina Conboy

Irina Conboy

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Professor of Bioengineering

Stanley Hall
Mailcode 1762
UC Berkeley

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Research Areas

BioMEMS & Nanotechnology, Systems & Synthetic Biology, and Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests

Our research uncovers the behavior of organ stem cells in young-healthy versus aged-diseased tissues with the goal to identify common pathological changes that are imposed on these regenerative cells by the altered circulatory milieu and by the damaged or old organ niches. The translational value of this research is in preventing and treating a number of degenerative and metabolic diseases, as a class, through engineered modification of key molecular determinants from their altered states back to health – youth. To achieve this objective we develop and apply NextGen apheresis, in situ tissue engineering, epigenome editing devices, and bio-orthogonal proteomics.