Janine Lupo

Janine Lupo

Associate Professor, Radiology

Byers Hall, UCSF, 1700 4th Street, Suite 303D
Mailcode 2532

For more information, see: https://radiology.ucsf.edu/research/labs/lupo

Research Areas

Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation

Research Interests

Our group is focused on developing novel methods for acquisition, post-processing, and quantitative analysis of Magnetic Resonance (MR) brain images. Using a combination of multiparametric structural, physiological, and metabolic MRI techniques obtained from 3T & 7T field strength scanners, our goal is to quantitatively characterize heterogeneity within malignant brain tumors, monitor response to novel treatment regimens, and investigate the long-term effects of therapy on healthy brain tissue structure and cognitive function.