Loren Frank

Loren Frank

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Professor, Department of Physiology
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Co-Director, Kavli Institute for Fundamental Neuroscience

Room 514F, Sandler Neuroscience Building, 675 Nelson Rising Lane, UCSF Mission Bay Campus
Mailcode Box 0444

For more information, see: http://www.cin.ucsf.edu/HTML/Loren_Frank.html

Research Areas

BioMEMS & Nanotechnology and Neural Systems Engineering & Vision Science

Research Interests

The ability to use experience to guide behavior (to learn) is one of the most remarkable abilities of the brain. Our goal is to understand how activity and plasticity in neural circuits underlie both learning and the ability to use learned information to make decisions. We use a combination of techniques, including large-scale multielectrode recording, targeted optogenetic interventions, advanced analytical techniques, and behavioral manipulations of awake, behaving animals to understand how the brain learns and remembers. We are also currently working to develop new technologies that include real-time decoding systems to allow for pattern-based interventions and very large scale (>1000 channel) polymer electrode systems that permit high density recordings across multiple brain areas in awake, behaving animals.