Jim Wells

Jim Wells

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Harry Wm. and Diana V. Hind Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

UCSF Mission Bay, Byers Hall 503, 1700 4th St
Mailcode Box 2552

For more information, see: https://pharm.ucsf.edu/wells

Research Areas

Systems & Synthetic Biology

Research Interests

How do cell surface proteomes change in health and disease? The Wells Lab addresses this question by applying protein and antibody engineering, mass spectrometry, and site-directed small molecule discovery to understand and disrupt human-disease-associated signalling processes.
The cell surface proteome—the surfaceome—is the communication and commerce hub of the cell, allowing it to exchange signals and nutrients with the extracellular environment and other cells. Once triggered, cellular receptors ignite internal signaling pathways that alter cell growth, differentiation, metabolic state, and even cell death or senescence. To understand and modulate these interwoven processes, our lab approaches these questions from three complementary angles:

1. The extracellular proteome
2. New tools for signaling
3. Drug discovery