Congratulations outstanding GSIs

Congratulations to Stacey Lee, Eda Altiok, Malav Desai, and Kevin Yamauchi, 2014-2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors at UC Berkeley. These GSIs were nominated by their instructor for excellent teaching and mentoring as GSIs in a bioengineering class. Congratulations!

Bioengineers in UCSF video

Check out PhD student Harrison Liu and alum Mozzi Etemadi in the new UCSF Pride video.

Both schools receive top rankings

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The Bioengineering Graduate Program was once again ranked 7th in the nation by US News and World Report.

‘Smart bandage’ detects early bedsores

A team of researchers, including UC Berkeley professor Michel Maharbiz and UCSF professor Shuvo Roy, have developed new sensor-packed “smart bandages” that actually detect damage to the skin before it becomes visible, allowing caregivers to prevent the formation of infection-prone bedsores.

Cyborg beetles lead to better insect understanding

UC Berkeley professor Michel Maharbiz is know for his work hard-wiring beetles for radio-controlled flight. That work is now allowing researchers to learn new things about the muscles insects use to steer.

Shadden sharpens diagnosis with computer modeling

A profile from the Bakar Fellows Program explains how UC Berkeley professor Shawn Shadden uses advanced computer modeling to help doctors find the best treatment for patients undergoing a stroke.

BioE startup Lygos produces malonic acid from sugar

Lygos, a company founded by BioE PhD alumni Jeff Dietrich and Eric Steen, has been in the news for their newly announced breakthrough in the production of malonic acid. The acid is a high-value chemical useful for production of pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, and specialty materials. The new process, using engineered microbes, would be cheaper and less polluting than the current petroleum-intensive production methods.

UCSF Schools Lead Nation In NIH Biomedical Research Funds

For the second year in a row, UC San Francisco’s four schools topped the nation in federal biomedical research funding in their fields in 2014, with the graduate-level university as a whole receiving the most of any public recipient and second most overall in funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), according to annual NIH figures.

Alumna Lee receives NSF CAREER Award

Somin Lee

Congratulations to PhD alumna Somin Eunice Lee, now Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan, recipient of an NSF CAREER award for her research project, “Engineering Plasmonic Nanoantenna Architectures for Efficient Nuclear Delivery.”

Meet Professor Grace O’Connell


Check out an interview with graduate faculty member and assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Grace O’Connell.