‘Smart bandage’ detects early bedsores

A team of researchers, including UC Berkeley professor Michel Maharbiz and UCSF professor Shuvo Roy, have developed new sensor-packed “smart bandages” that actually detect damage to the skin before it becomes visible, allowing caregivers to prevent the formation of infection-prone bedsores.

Cyborg beetles lead to better insect understanding

UC Berkeley professor Michel Maharbiz is know for his work hard-wiring beetles for radio-controlled flight. That work is now allowing researchers to learn new things about the muscles insects use to steer.

Shadden sharpens diagnosis with computer modeling

A profile from the Bakar Fellows Program explains how UC Berkeley professor Shawn Shadden uses advanced computer modeling to help doctors find the best treatment for patients undergoing a stroke.

UCSF Schools Lead Nation In NIH Biomedical Research Funds

For the second year in a row, UC San Francisco’s four schools topped the nation in federal biomedical research funding in their fields in 2014, with the graduate-level university as a whole receiving the most of any public recipient and second most overall in funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), according to annual NIH figures.

BioE faculty receive first NIH BRAIN grants

Several members of the bioengineering graduate program have received research grants in the highly competitive first wave of National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards to support President Obama’s BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative.

BioE grad student studies infant HIV testing in Kenya

student in Kenya

Bioengineering graduate student Rachel Gerver of Professor Amy Herr’s lab has just returned from a three-week needs-finding expedition on infant HIV diagnosis in Kenya.

Bioengineers in the SF Chronicle

UCSF Lance

Bioengineering students and faculty are featured at the launch of the Rosenman Institute for medical technology development.

Tiny Sheep: UC Berkeley Researchers Use Electricity to Herd Cells


By using electric currents, bioengineering graduate student Daniel Cohen and graduate faculty member Michel Maharbiz are studying how epithelial cells respond to electric fields and move in unison, to potentially aid wound healing.

Researchers target brain circuitry to treat mental disorders

Bioengineering graduate program faculty are among the researchers at UC Berkeley and UCSF who will be working to develop devices to be implanted in the brain to target and correct malfunctioning neural circuits. Graduate prorgram faculty involved include Jose Carmena, Robert Knight, and Michel Maharbiz at UC Berkeley and Edward Chang at UCSF.

UCSF team develops early-warning system for preterm labor

Mozzi at work

A UCSF team including recent PhD Mozzi Etemadi was featured in the SF Chronicle for their Smart Diaphragm to detect preterm labor. This research was also a Master of Translational Medicine program project in 2010-11.