Retraining the brain’s vision center to take action

Researchers led by UC Berkeley Professor and member of the graduate program Jose Carmena have demonstrated the astounding flexibility of the brain by training neurons that normally process input from the eyes to develop new skills, in this case, to control a computer-generated tone.

Prof Edward Chang in “Rebooting Kimberly’s Brain”

UCSF Bioengineering program faculty and neurosurgeon Edward Chang is part of the team unlocking new ways of treating epilepsy and mental health, featured in this news video about innovative treatments at UCSF.

Desai Lab diabetes startup featured on NPR

Encellin, a biotech startup formed from research in Professor Tejal Desai’s lab at UCSF, may have engineered and insulin-releasing implant to manage type-1 diabetes.

Roy Lab artificial kidney featured on Wired

Learn more about Professor Shuvo roy’s artificial implantable kidney.

Shuvo Roy Receives $2.4M NIH Grant for Bioartificial Pancreas

The project focuses on using silicon nanopore membranes as an immunoisolation barrier to protect stem-cell derived insulin producing cells from pro-inflammatory attack, while ensuring physiologic oxygenation and glucose-insulin kinetics. Data supporting the grant application was developed by BioE PhD student Shang Song.

Kumar lab sheds new light on cellular stress fiber networks

New research from Professor Sanjay Kumar’s lab uncovers fundamental design principles of how cells and tissues define and maintain their structure, combining sophisticated micropatterning technologies to engineer cell shape, laser nanosurgery to cut individual stress fibers with light and probe their internal structure, and mathematical modeling. Cell shape is critical in development, wound healing, stem cell differentiation, and cancer, among other processes. The lead author is bioengineering PhD student Elena Kassianidou.

Maharbiz and Carmena create implantable neural dust

Messersmith lab featured on CBS news

Tejal Desai featured on CBS News

BioE alum and UCSF professor Tejal Desai was featured on the evening news for her lab’s work to create a tiny implantable nanostructures that will monitor blood sugar and secrete and dispense insulin for diabetics.

Full Lab designs robot inspired by cockroach locomotion

Members of UC Berkeley integrative biology professor Bob Full’s lab have designed a cockroach-inspired robot that can squeeze through the tiniest cracks and run at high speeds even when flattened. Full and recent PhD Kaushik Jayaram will publish their findings this month in the early online edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.