Tejal Desai named IAMBE Fellow

UCSF Professor and program alumna Tejal Desai has been named a 2019 Fellow of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering (IAMBE). Congratulations!

Professor Sarah Nelson, 1954-2019

It is with great sadness that we announce that Professor Sarah J. Nelson, a long-time leader of the Bioengineering Graduate Program, has passed away after a struggle with cancer. In addition to being an internationally recognized researcher in metabolic imaging, Sarah was instrumental in growing the joint graduate program and establishing the Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences at UC San Francisco. A tireless educator, she mentored over 90 students and postdoctoral fellows and lent advice and support to countless others. She will be missed.

Tejal Desai named President-Elect, AIMBE

Tejal Desai, program alumna and Chair of the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF, was announced as president-elect at the March 24, 2019 annual meeting. “Beyond recognizing excellence, AIMBE is unique in its commitment to advancing public understanding, showcasing the impact of biologic and medical engineering on society, and serving as a thought leader in public policy,” Desai said. “I look forward to serving as the organization’s future president.”

Prof Tanja Kortemme named AIMBE Fellow

Graduate program member and UCSF Professor Tanja Kortemme has been named a 2019 Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, for “outstanding contributions in computational protein design including energy functions, sampling algorithms, and molecules to rewire cellular control circuits.” Fellows fulfill AIMBE’s mission of providing leadership and advocacy in medical and biological engineering for the advancement of society.

Desai named President-Elect of AIMBE

Professor and alumna Tejal Desai was named President-Elect of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering at their annual event March 24-25. She has been Chair of the AIMBE College of Fellows for the past year. Great leadership Dr. Desai!

Tejal Desai Named Director of UCSF Health Innovation Via Engineering Program

The Health Innovation Via Engineering (HIVE) program will drive connections and collaborations with faculty members in UCSF’s schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy to address unsolved challenges at the intersection of engineering and health.

Retraining the brain’s vision center to take action

Researchers led by UC Berkeley Professor and member of the graduate program Jose Carmena have demonstrated the astounding flexibility of the brain by training neurons that normally process input from the eyes to develop new skills, in this case, to control a computer-generated tone.

O’Connell’s mechanical engineering to aid back surgery

Grace O’Connell, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, heads a project to develop a systematic way to predict which patients are most vulnerable to secondary fractures or disc degeneration following spinal fusion.

How Close Are We to Growing Human Body Parts in Laboratories?

BioE program faculty Todd McDevitt talks about his work creating organoids and the challenges faced in manufacturing human tissues in this video series by Seeker.

Prof Edward Chang in “Rebooting Kimberly’s Brain”

UCSF Bioengineering program faculty and neurosurgeon Edward Chang is part of the team unlocking new ways of treating epilepsy and mental health, featured in this news video about innovative treatments at UCSF.